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Terms and Condtions 2018 HOTEL LE ROTABAS

Hotel le Rotabas Sainte Anne Guadeloupe

SARL SOC ‘LA Durivage Sainte Anne 97180

http://www.lerotabas.com et https://www.hotellerotabas.com

Our prices include taxes (in Euros)


This document has one goal : inform our users on the use and handling of personal data regarding our websites as well as our business policy.

Only the french version is legally binding, the english version should only be taken as a mere reference to it.

Terms and Conditions 2017-2018

Article 1 : Users’s Rights (GPDR)

By making use of our services, you agree to share some of your personal & non-personal information, that may be relevant to your purcharse and/or use on our services.

You also agree to grant us the right to use your personal data, subscription, bookings while you are still using our services and you also must make sure to change such details should they need to be changed as soon as possible.

You can also request information we have about you for your account or request an account deletion.

This document can be updated at any time and upon being updated, the older version is revoked and is no longer legally binding. It is thus recommended that you check out the latest version of this document before making a purcharse.

Article 2 : Use of our services requiring an agreement

Any use of our services, especially after booking a room, requires your agreement to our business policy as well as our privacy policy.

Those services include www.lerotabas.com and www.hotellerotabas.com,

As soon as you book a room or pay for one of our services, it is implied that you also agreed to our business policy, terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Article 3 : Use, redistribution, modifications.. of our pictures, texts

Pictures featured on our services are not public domain, and their copyrights belong to the owners of the services.

Any non-authorized use of them is stricly prohibited unless you were granted an exemption by the owners.

For such requests, send an email to : direction@lerotabas.com

Article 4: Personal information

We are collecting some personal information (such as name, adress etc.) to ensure that you can use our services..

We swear not selling your personal data collected on our websites and encourage our partners to also follow the GPDR to ensure your personal data can be saved or deleted should it be requested by the visitors.

We also would like to inform that the following third-party services used on our websites also have their own terms & conditions as well as their own privacy policy :

Tidio chat





You may need to also your agreeement to their policies for any use of their services. This agreement only covers the use of personal information for our websites.


Business Policy 2017-2018

Article 1 : Early Booking and Early sales

Pre-sales Special Offers (Up to 2 months before the stay)

Book in advance and save up to 10 % !

Our early sales offers are available exclusively at


You must book at least 2 months before the beginning of the stay

We reserve the right to cancel any booking less than 2 months for unrespecting terms and conditions at the current date.

The time and date for each of our tariffs are written in the description below each of our offers.

To be noted: Promotions cannot be combined.


Last minute reservations (48H minimum before the beginning of the stay) are exclusively made on the website https://www.hotellerotabas.com.

This reservation allows you to block your room until 18H without deposit.

The payment of the room is made on arrival according to our methods of payment in force.

Article 3: Secure payments (in Euros)

Online payments are processed through Paypal.

We also accept:

  • Credit cards (except «diners club»)

  • Cash

  • Holiday Vouchers « Chèques Vacances»

  • Meal Vouchers «Tickets restaurants»

We do not accept bank checks.

For credit card tranfers, they only proceeed after accepting our sales order.

Article 4:Offers subject to additional conditions

We reserves the right to limit the sale of offers in quantity, to change/edit texts and as well as pictures/visuals during the season.

The purchase offers only affects the content of the latter at the time of purchase, the confirmation acts as a contract of sale between the parties.

If a booking has been made by a travel agency without financial security, it is subject to the general conditions of sale of the agency.


We inform our customers that any complaint concerns only the sales made on the selected reservation modules to ensure the sale online in the best conditions of safety.

On our websites www.lerotabas.com and www.hotellerotabas.com : any other complaint could not fall within the field of application of the present

CGU-CGV in force.

Update is displayed on each page.

Article 6: Accumulation of offers

The offers, promotions or discounts granted by our establishment on our official sites are not cumulative with those of our partners.


We are not responsible for the offers and services of our partners recommended on our websites: car rental, promotional offers from the air, maritime, or forklift operators are published on the site www.lerotabas.com and www.hotellerotabas.com.

Any complaint, resulting from direct links to our partners, does not engage our responsibility.

Only the customer service of the partner is competent to manage them.

Article 8: COMPLAINT

Any complaint concerning a cancellation with payment of deposit, on our services must be sent to us by registered mail within 15 days at our headquarters:

SARL SOC LA Durivage

Sainte Anne 97180


Article 9: Natural causes, accidents

The services and offers sold, published on our sites can be suspended or deleted at the last minute for reasons beyond our control.

In accordance with this, replacement solutions may be proposed for identical or superior services except in cases of « force majeure ».

Force Majeure is defined as an event external to the parties of an unforeseeable and insurmountable good faith character which prevents either the customer, the reseller or the establishment from performing all or part of the obligations provided for in the reservation contract, in particular in terms of strike of means of transport, hotel personnel, riots, natural disasters, power cuts, internet or blockages on public roads.

It is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends the parties' performance of their mutual obligations.

At the same time, each of the parties shall bear all the costs which fall to it and which result from the case of force majeure,

Consequently, travellers alone will bear any additional costs that may be incurred to allow the trip to continue following the occurrence of a case of force majeure.

Article 10: Data processing

In application of the French Data Protection Act 78-17, customers are informed that their order is subject to computerised nominative processing.

The right of access and rectification guaranteed by law is exercised with:

Soc’La Sarl ,Durivage ,Sainte Anne 97180 Guadeloupe, with an additional copy sent to: contact@lerotabas.com

It is also possible to unsubscribe to the newsletter an delete your accounr in your personal account. Doing so will stop us from sending you more newsletter and the use of your personal information.

Article 11 : Deposits

The establishment is not able to guarantee a reservation made by credit card (a prior request by email will be required):

A deposit is required according to the general conditions of sale in force at the delivery of the keys.

Any payment by credit card by telephone must be requested in advance by email to: resalerotabas@orange.fr

Any arrangement must also be subject to a schedule agreed between the parties by email to resalerotabas@orange.fr

The reservation becomes firm and definitive only with its complete payment.

The full payment of the stay implies its confirmation.

Last minute reservation:

Payment will be made on arrival in accordance with our registration formalities.

Article 12 : LEGAL NOTICE

www.lerotabas.com and www.hotellerotabas.com


SIRET 44263 7773 000 15

APE Code 5520Z

Head Office:



Article 13 : How to Book a room

  • Last minute booking online, without credit card number.

Book your room from www.hotellerotabas.com

Choose the booking mode: Last minute booking

Fill your order with your mobile number, your email.

Last minute: from 48H on the day of your arrival,

Room blocked until 6:00. Payment on site.

  • Booking payment 100% of stay

Create your account on www.lerotabas.com or www.hotellerotabas.com
Online booking with payment of 100% for the stay

Send your payment and booking confirmation by email.

Rules: All credit cards accepted using Paypal

  • Booking by mail or on the spot are made according to a schedule chosen with the customer.

This reservation method is accepted up to one month before the stay.

Payment facilities up to 15 days before your arrival on request.

15 days before arrival: Balance of the stay

We accept :

  • Holiday vouchers «  Chèques Vacances »

  • All credit cards (except « Diners »)

Deposit payment by phone using the Credit card:

0590 88 25 60

Payment confirmation by email upon request.



We only accept credit card bookings with some of our resellers who perform checks on usage.

Cancellation Outside of the time limits: Results in penalties.

« No Show » Fees: One additional night charged to the customer's credit card.

Only a travel insurance is competent to insure the risks of a cancellation of your stay.

We recommend that you subscribe to one of them for all your trips.

We reserve the right to contact the customer to obtain payment for a stay by credit card when the debit has been rejected by the bank after leaving the establishment.


For any cancelled reservation the deposit will be kept according to the arrival date.

Cancellation at D-30 J: 100% deposit refund

Deduction of application fees: 30 €

Cancellation at D-29 at 10 days D: 50 % refunds

Cancellation at D-9 to D-0 J: No Refunds


A deposit will be required upon arrival. (150€ per room)

It will be returned after checking the equipment in the room.


The refund on the deposit paid during the stay of the customer can not be made:

If a service is not consumed by the customer solely because of its fact, this will not give rise to any refund.

Any shortened or interrupted stay must be paid for by the client.


Rooms are available to guests from 15:30 on the day of arrival.

Rooms must be vacated before 11 am on the day of departure.

Customers leaving the establishment before 9 am on the day of departure must pay their bill the day before.

An extension of the room occupancy without an agreement of the Reception may give rise to an additional day's invoicing.


The customer will take note of the safety rules in force in the establishment by the posting and documents of information available in each room concerning the use and safety.

The competent Courts in case of Litigation are those of the Department of Guadeloupe.


a) Paragent travel booking:

Consult the terms and conditions of this one.

  1. b) Booking by another provider:

Refer to the conditions provided between the parties to the quotation.


For reservations for event rooms, groups, seminars and VIP stays.


For any estimates, contact customer service : AMELIE Kacy.

Email : contact@lerotabas.com

Phone number : 0590 88 25 60

Fax number: 0590 88 26 87

Mail adress :




*Quotation mentioning the terms of payment.

Reservation: Quote with Voucher for agreement (stamp and signature of the company's legal representative)

To note :

Our promotions cannot be combined, reimursable, cannot be modified and are in limited quantity.


General information:

GPS’s Coordinates:


Pointe de la Caravelle, Durivage BP 164 , Sainte-Anne 97180, Guadeloupe
Latitude : 16.220992 | Longitude : -61.394563